Azusa Unified School District

Azusa Bond Program
In 2002 Azusa voters approved measure "I" that provided
$72 million to upgrade and modernize schools.
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Faced with aging classrooms, the need to bring school facilities up to current standards, and because the state continues to reduce funding for facility improvements, the Board of Trustees of the Azusa Unified School District is placing a local school improvement measure on the November 2014 ballot. The following information is provided to assist voters in understanding the facts behind the school improvement measure and how its passage will affect the District and our community.

    Facilities Needs

    Modernize classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities

    Replace leaky roofs

    Upgrade electrical systems

    Improve student access to computers and modern technology

    Replace outdated heating, ventilation & air conditioning system

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    Bond Resolution & Tax Rate Statement

    District Priorities

    How much does Azusa pay to support schools?

    Budgets/Expenditures and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for Identified Scopes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Powerpoints presented at Board Meetings
      April 16 & 29, 2013
      June 5, 2013
      November 6, 2013
      November 6, 2013
      December 12, 2013
      December 12, 2013
      January 14, 2014
      January 21, 2014 (continued from 12/12/13)
      June 9, 2014
      June 9,2014

    Annual Audits - Measure "I" General Obligation Bond Building Fund
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2003
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2004
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2005
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2006
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2007
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2008
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2009
      Azusa Bond Audit Report 6-30-2010