Citizenship Exam Preparation

  • Citizenship Exam Preparation Sessions - Free!

    12-week sessions!

    This course is for students who want to become U. S. Citizens. Students learn about the Citizenship process. The class provides an overview of United States history; the structure of federal, state, county, and city government; the rights and responsibility of citizens living under a democratic form of government; and naturalization procedures, tips, etc. The Azusa Adult Education Center works in partnership with the Azusa City Library, Inspired Citizenship Program.

    Session Dates
    Course #
    03/09/20 - 06/09/20 3800.07
    M, T
    6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Braddick 9

Requirements for Enrolling

  • Students must meet all the required qualifications to enroll:

    1. Picture ID
    2. Possess a permanent resident card
    3. Score at the Intermediate or Advanced levels on the CASAS assessment

    Identification documents must be provided at the time of registration.