Hospital Unit Clerk / Medical Secretary Course

  • Prepare for employment as a Hospital Unit Clerk or Medical Secretary. Students gain an understanding of nursing procedures, hospital equipment, body systems, medical terms, medications, charting and transcription of doctor’s orders.

    Prerequisites: Attend one of the Information Sessions on December 17, 2019. Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, or be concurrently enrolled in a high school equivalency program.
    Fee: $660 (includes fees, tuition, materials, supplies, textbooks). Learn about “NO COST TRAINING” and financial assistance at the Informational Session.

    Course #
    4230.01 T, W, Th 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Ibrahim 22

Additional Prerequisite Courses Required for Certification

    1. Anatomy and Physiology – see Medical Program Certification Courses section
    2. Pharmacology – see Medical Program Certification Courses section