Sam Perdomo

Principal's Message

  • Greetings Gladstone High School Families and Community

    It is a privilege to write to the Gladstone High School Community as I take on a new role in Azusa Unified as the principal of Gladstone High School.

    As you know, our school district is going through some changes, and throughout this process, we are working together to keep a keen focus on students and their school experiences. I was humbled and honored to have the opportunity to take on this position during this unique time at Gladstone.

    I am coming to Gladstone High from my most recent position as the principal at Foothill Middle School for the past 6 1/2 years. While it was difficult to leave Foothill Middle mid-year, I am drawn to the GHS community, having spent 11 years as the GHS Assistant Principal through 2015. It is wonderful to connect with known colleagues and families and get the opportunity to meet the new members of the GHS team.

    While the coming year and a half will bring changes, I am committed to ensuring the high school experience for all GHS students continues to be full of rigorous learning, friendships, and positive experiences. I am excited to partner with all GHS students, staff, and community partners. We are here to support our students as they flourish.

    I look forward to conversations and connecting with you at upcoming events.


    Sam Perdomo

    Principal - Gladstone High School