January 2022 Protocol Updates

  • Updated Protocols and Mask Requirements

    • Students are required to wear masks, and it is strongly recommended to wear well-fitting, non-cloth masks of multiple layers with a nose wire. 
    • Masking is now required outdoors where physical distancing is not possible except while eating or drinking.
    • COVID-19 testing is required for all close contacts permitted to remain in school regardless of vaccination status. 
    • LACDPH strongly recommends all eligible students receive a booster vaccination dose or start their primary vaccine series. Boosters are now approved for those aged 12 and up. 
    • Close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case are required to quarantine if:
      • 10 full days (day 1 is the day after exposure)from close contact have passed, activities may resume on day 11 as long as no symptoms are present.
      • 5 full days (day 1 is the day after exposure) have passed from close contact, and they have a negative COVID-19 viral test collected on day 5. Activities may resume upon receiving negative test results. 
      • They are not fully vaccinated.
      • They are fully vaccinated and booster-eligible but have not yet received their booster dose. 
      • Quarantine may end if the close contact remained symptom-free and either:
    • Close contacts are not required to quarantine if:
      • Required to test at a minimum on day 5 after exposure.
      • Must monitor for symptoms.
      • Wear upgraded PPE:
        • Students should wear a non-cloth mask with multiple non-woven layers and a nose wire.
      • They are asymptomatic.
      • They are boosted; or
      • They are fully vaccinated but not yet booster-eligible.
      • To remain at school, close contacts exempt from quarantine are:

    As we see a rise in COVID-19 cases countywide, we must continue to do our part to help limit the spread in our school community. This includes the following: 

      • If you or your student are sick, please remain at home. Self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and consult your medical care provider. Students who have COVID-19 symptoms should not report to school until tested. Parents/guardians should contact their student’s school.
      • Report Positive Cases. Parents/guardians should report positive cases to their student’s school. 
      • Wear a mask and wash your hands. Masks should be worn snugly against your nose and chin with no gaps on the side of your face or nose. Continue to follow health and safety protocols such as washing your hands and maintaining physical distancing.
      • Temperature Scans. Although not required by LACPDH, we continue to temperature scan students as they enter the campus to add an additional layer of protection.

Isolation & Quarantine FlowCharts

  • LACDPH Isolation flowchart LACDPH quarantine flowcharts

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