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Vision and Mission


Students and staff will successfully reach their full potential and positively contribute to their community through advocacy, thinking critically, communicating effectively, and showing compassion. 


To create a safe, caring environment where we educate, empower, and advocate for all students, nurture all learning styles, and provide diverse college and career opportunities. 


Student Learning

Every student will receive a well-rounded education that meets their diverse needs and ensures their growth, achievement, and success. 

Human Resources

We will hire and retain diverse personnel who are highly qualified, provide competitive compensation and professional development, and ensure high standards for employee conduct. 

Budget and Finance

To be responsible stewards of public funds and maximize the resources needed to meet our goals, fulfill our priorities, and live up to our values. 

Community Engagement

To welcome, build, and sustain strong partnerships with students, parents, families, residents, educational institutions, community organizations, and the civic and business communities to support student wellness and achievement.


Our facilities will be safe, clean, and well-maintained for learning and extra-curricular activities with state-of-the-art technology. 

Safety and Wellness

To maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for all, where students and staff feel secure and supported, with access to high-quality nutrition and health and wellness programs. 

Outside of AUSD office

Core Values

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Integrity and transparency 
Accountability and Respect 
Continuous Improvement 
Lifelong learning 
Open Communication