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Azusa High School Mascot Selection Committee

AHS Mascot Committee Meeting

On Monday, November 7, 2022, at 6:00 PM, the Azusa High Mascot Committee will continue the discussion of the new Jaguar mascot for Azusa High. The meeting can be viewed live on Zoom or on the AUSD YouTube channel. #WeAreAUSD #AzusaUSD #AUSDgoesTheDistance   Zoom - YouTube -

AHS Mascot Decision Update

The Azusa High mascot committee has been meeting since September 28, 2022. The committee is a combination of alumni, current high school students, parents, teachers, and staff. Together, the committee agreed that their intention was to choose a mascot that respectfully unifies Gladstone and Azusa high students, is culturally appropriate, and offers a sense of belonging and representation. Also, a mascot that students can be proud of, honoring the current Aztec name, culture, and our native Tongva Gabrielino brothers and sisters.

The committee agreed to be transparent, vulnerable, and honest to agree on a mascot that united all people. The committee came to the last few meetings with mascot ideas to present and discuss, never losing the original intention for unity and respect for the past, the present, and the future generations of students to walk and learn through our only high school in Azusa. 

Special thanks to AUSD Superintendent Arturo Ortega and Jessica Wong from Azusa Pacific University for facilitating, truly respecting, and allowing the space for discussion, always with the clear intention of doing what is best for the students and families of Azusa. 

The committee is proud to announce Azusa High School to be the home of Jaguar. The jaguar, more than a mascot, is a revered symbol in many cultures as its characteristics represent courage, confidence, leadership, and wisdom. Jaguars rule the wild they inhabit due to their strength, speed, agility, and fearlessness. We hope that the jaguar will bring unity, pride, and school spirit to our students and community. 


The Azusa Unified School District is seeking four members of the Azusa and Gladstone alumni community and three members from indigenous communities with historic ties to the San Gabriel Valley area to serve on a committee composed of students, parents, staff, alumni, and indigenous members. This committee will be responsible for selecting a culturally appropriate representation for the Azusa High School Aztec mascot. We appreciate the partnership of our community in choosing a mascot that is culturally respectful and representative of the AUSD core values. 

Please select one of the drop-down options below to view the desired qualifications and fill out the interest form.