About Foothill Middle School

  • At Foothill, students are challenged to grow in an atmosphere of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. Student achievement is our focus. Our staff is dedicated to working with all students to promote academic success.

    The Mission of FMS is for all students to successfully learn to the best of their ability in an environment conducive to lifelong intellectual, social, and personal development.

    Our Vision is that each student will think critically, have a productive work ethic, be intellectually inquisitive, and participate in a collaborative learning environment. In addition, each student will learn to communicate effectively, be self-motivated, and be a responsible citizen.

    Evidence of Accomplishing vision:

    • Competency in content standards
    • Prepared for high school
    • Aware of college and career choices

    The cooperation and caring of staff and parents for the total academic, social, and emotional well-being of students makes Foothill a successful place to transition from elementary to high school.

    Students participate in a traditional secondary core curricular program in science, math, language arts, and social studies.  Foothill’s current mathematics curriculum of Math 7 and Math 8 is designed to prepare students to take Algebra 1 in High School.  All students participate in P.E. and may take the following electives:  AVID, Band, Mariachi, Art, Music Appreciation, Spanish 1, Spanish for Native Speakers, Leadership, and Reading Intervention.