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Advanced Placement

The Azusa Unified School District Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an opportunity designed for students who are academically capable, curious, and motivated. The program provides college level course work that is aligned to the National Advanced Placement Program. It provides students the opportunity to develop unique personal interests and talents with the support of teachers and counselors.  The Advanced Placement program is designed to help students develop their unique interests and talents through their Advanced Placement course selection. 

The main advantage of taking an AP course is better preparation for college. It has been shown that students master in-depth content at the college level more easily after completing AP courses in high school. Students also acquire sophisticated academic skills and increased self-confidence in preparation for college.  Many colleges and universities around the world also grant college credit for students passing Advanced Placement exams with a score of 3, 4, or 5 during their high school career.

By participating in Advanced Placement courses, students have the opportunity to receive national academic recognition.  Each year the College Board recognizes students for taking Advanced Placement courses and exams during their high school years.  High School students also have the opportunity to receive recognition from the College Board for passing multiple Advanced Placement Exams.