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Submit Your Yearbook Photos!

It's that time of year again where the flowers bloom, the sun is shining and plans for the FMS 20-21 yearbook are being made!  You read that right, FMS will be having a yearbook this year!  However, first wee need your selfies ASAP!

(Details in the flyer for AUSD photo requirement guidelines.  guidelines must be follow or photos will not be accepted.  No filters and no objects can be used in the photos)

Please turn in your photo as an attqachment to an email using your student email.  The Subject Line of the email should be titled as your Last, First Name & Grade Only! 

Please send all/any photos to FOOTHILLMSYEARBOOK@GMAIL.COM  This is the only email we will be using to submit/communicate.

For any questions you may have, please email Mrs. Huizar at FOOTHILLMSYEARBOOK@GMAIL.COM Title the sSubject line Questions to be answered.

Click here to view flyer